Part 2: What to look out for in Digital Trade and IP Chapters

In continuing with our series on the US-Kenya FTA, this week’s episode grapples with some of the main areas, that may be included in the FTA, that we are pondering on in digital trade and intellectual property. The host for this episode is Dr. Melissa Omino, and the guests are Abdulmalik Adan and Joanna Kahumbu. 

Agreements mentioned:

  1. TRIPS - 

  2. Japan-US FTA - https:// 

Update on the US Kenya FTA materials:

  1. US Negotiation Objectives - 

  2. Kenya Negotiation Objectives - 

  3. Information on the virtual first phase of negotiations - 


  1. Digital Economy Blueprint, 2019 - 

  2. Draft Digital Economy Strategy, 2020 - 

  3. National ICT Policy, 2019 - 

  4. Data Protection Act, 2019 - 

  5. Finance Act, 2019 - 

  6. Finance Act, 2020 - 

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Music details: Fuzzball Parade by Kevin MacLeod