Part 1: What's on the table?

This is the first episode in a series on the US-Kenya FTA which is currently under negotiations. In this series, we hope to look at various aspects of what might be included in the final text of the FTA including IP, Digital Rights, and Data Governance. The host for this episode is Dr. Melissa Omino, with research assistance from Joanna Kahumbu. 

Agreements mentioned:

  1. AGOA - 

  2. AfCFTA -

  3. USMCFTA -

  4. EAC Customs Union Protocol -


  1. UPDATE 1-U.S. trade chief tells Congress of plans for trade deal with Kenya

  2. Kenya will be in breach of EAC, AfCFTA rules in proposed trade deal with US 

  3. Lawyers Fight Kenya US Trade Deal

  4. Going Solo: What is the significance of a USA -Kenya Free Trade Agreement?, Centre for strategic and international studies, Jack Caporal, 18 March 2020:  

  5. What would a U.S. - Kenya Trade Deal Mean?, Council on Foreign Relations, Claire Felter, 21 February 2020: 

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